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Google Nest Thermostat 1.4 - No Lock Feature

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Hello, I just purchased a Google Nest Thermostat 1.4, got it all hooked up.  Purchased this at a local Home Depot.  I walked in looking for something with Lock option and was sold this unit.  The rep must have not known the difference between models, but I been trying to figure out a way to lock the thermostat, which was the main reason I bought this unit.  I agree with what others have posted here in google message boards and online, why does this unit not have this basic feature.  It has scheduling ability and other robust features, but why not a simple lock feature.  Does not make sense. 

Will there be a firmware update soon that will allow this?  If so, I can wait.  If not, I can return this unit, place my old honey well thermostat with a lock box around it.  I like the features on this new thermostat I installed, but I truly need a locking thermostat.  I don't care if it has a range or not, just a simple lock feature.

If anyone knows of a work around, please let me know.  What I have now, is 21 schedules on the hour to reset temperature to what I want to lock it to.  This way when changed at least it gets reset back on the top of the hour.  If I can set it every 5 minutes on every hour, I would do that.  But I cannot because the schedules are limited to an hour between each and schedule count.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

It sounds as though you've purchased the Nest Thermostat (2020 model) setup in the Google Home app. This model does not have a lock feature and I've seen no announcements from Google to add that feature, unfortunately.