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Heating won’t turn off!

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Nest thermostat and heating system has been working fine until now. Thermostat is set to a schedule and readings match the input. However, despite what the display says the heating remains on! This has only just started as everything was fine until a few days ago. Heating on permanently which is a huge cost in UK at the moment! Have rebooted the thermostat and all connected to Wi-Fi but still heating won’t turn off despite display set to 9•


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Having the same problem.

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How do I permanently turn off nest heating

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Did you ever find a fix? I hired a tech to look at it, he says the wiring is fine, but the nest needs to "learn" which sounds bogus to me.  The nest will just keep heating and not switch off.  It gets sweltering, help!

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Same problem to me. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Thanks for reaching out to us here. I am sorry to hear you are all facing this behaviour from your thermostat units. Just to confirm, the display is black, and set to a lower temperature but the radiators are still hot at the location, correct?