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Heatlink not working.

Community Member
Hi there,
Recently noticed our heatlink isn't working.  I googled this and ended up at this site's predecessor forum where it's seems lots of people had the same issue.  There was a series of questions/requests passed by moderators of that site to better qualify the situation.   I have copy/pasted that list below and answered with respect to my system.  Would appreciate a response from site admin:
I'd kindly ask all of you to try these steps:
  • Does anything happen if you press its button for 30 seconds? No.
  • In some cases the boiler will have an additional isolation switch which can turn off the power to both the Heat Link and the boiler. Can you try switching that off/on again to see if anything changes? Did this, nothing changed
  • Make sure the breakers are on or the fuse board hasn't tripped. Done this, Nothing has tripped.
Moreover, to have a better view over each of your cases, please help us with some answers:
  1. How often do you experience the issue?  It is continuously not working
  2. How long has your thermostat been installed for? About 2 years.
  3. What colour is the Heat Link LED? N/a - there are no LEDs visible.
  4. What is showing on the Nest thermostat display? H71  error.
  5. Have you had any power cuts recently? No.
  6. Have you had any work done on your electrical or heating systems recently? No.
  7. How many zones are present in the setup? One.
  8. Is there power present to your boiler? Yes
Once you've tried these steps and if you still have this issue with your Heat Link, please reply to the thread confirming that the steps were carried out, together with the answers for the above questions and we'll make sure to further assist you with this. 
I've completed all these steps as indicated above and the heat link is still not working.
Please can you advise on next steps required?
Kind regards,
Neil Horan

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Horanski , thank you for all the information. I would be happy to try and assist you. To do this please fill out this form so we can gather your details securely, and let us know here once you've done it . Make sure to include the display serial starting with 09A, the email associated with your Nest account and your full post address. Make sure to also include your username in the "Social handle" field.


Alternatively use this link to get in touch with our colleagues from support directly: . They will be able to assist you further.