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Home/Away Assist Problems

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The home/away assist is not working as expected. It often thinks I'm away when I am home, and turns it to Eco mode. Today I am not home, and it thinks it is, heating the house for no one. 

Everything seems to be set correctly, and yet the support team suggestion is to "buy another phone". 


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Yup, that’s because I had turned off Home/Away because it’s not working…i turned it on to take the pictures to show my settings….the yellow triangle is just the app saying it’s been a few days since we’ve heard from your phone  so it’s not being used for Home/Away..

the point is I’ve had Home/Away on for days…eventually the yellow triangle goes away but the App is not working…still doesn’t use my iPhone location to determine if I am home or away..

Ive been asked by Google Nest support to provide a whole bunch of screen shots of my settings, which I’ve done..I’m awaiting their response.

To state this again…the App is not using my iPhone Location Services to determine if I’m home or away…it’s a bug..they need to fix..

Google are asking me to do the same, too. Google Home appears to have been working, unlike SST or Nest. so we'll see.....


Well Using Samsung Smart Things with Routines, to set to Eco when away and Heat when Home, together with Google Home/Nest app , System switches well, Thanks to SST app. Using iPhone 12 .  Without SST system does not function correctly .



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My wife and I both are using android phones with a Nest Learning thermostat and till recently, ECO has turned on and stayed on when we're both gone for the day. However, I recently installed a Nest WiFi router and now when we are gone, the thermostat no longer switches to ECO mode or even acknowledges that we are away. I can manually set ECO mode and it will hold till I turn it off but if I set the Nest app to Away, after a time it will revert to Home. Decided to try to disable the routine in the Home app for Home/Away and let the Nest app and thermostat do the work. Maybe there is a programming conflict between the Home and Nest apps.

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I agreed to have Goggle moniter my account.  Big mistake.  They made it so I could no longer see what google nest was showing me on camera.  Bad, bad, bad software.  Now it only shows home and away circles and nothing else!!!!

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I have thrown in the towel on the Home/Assis feature. I am new to the device and I have tried all combinations of setting to get it to work, but it appears that the device is not recognizing the location of my phone (yes the app is set to have location tracking always on). I will manually set my location to home or away (I hope this works). I certainly do not want to find myself in the middle of winter and while I am sleeping have the device go into eco mode and lower the temperature to 51 degrees. Nice try Google - maybe the 4th generation device will get it right.

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Just started happening to me. Pixel 6 pro. Sets to away 90% of the time. Sets to home like 20% of the time

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So I received this from Google Nest support tonight…


 It is us again. Our team is still on top of this. In the meantime, they'd like to ask if you were able to update your OS version to iOS 15.5 by any chance? If so, does that exhibit the same result?

i responded..


Yes, I’ve updated to iOS 15.5 but I can’t determine if the same result occurs as I’m out of my home location for an extended period.


can anyone with an iPhone confirm that they’re on iOS 15.5 and that the Home Away function is still not working. 

if so, I will report that back to Google Neat Support. 

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I have the exact same issue with my Nest thermostat and app. I'll be sitting at home, working, during the middle of the day, and I'll suddenly notice that I'm sweating, it's 80F in the house and the AC is off. Nest seems to intermittently lose the ability to sense my phone's location, even though I haven't touched location services and the app still has the normal permissions. Sometimes, just flipping phone location in the Nest app off and back on fixes it, other times it seems to take a day or two to start working again. There's no real rhyme or reason from what I can tell. I'm an Android user and I always keep my apps and OS updated. Does anyone have recommendations for a smart thermostat that actually works well?