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Nest Thermostats

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connecting to google home

Can anyone help me connect my nest thermostat, i got the $99 white one, i have the google home app and the nest app, i have two connected nest cameras already. when i search for nest in google home all i get is fairy nest when trying to connect my ne...

tad by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat - Wiring

My current thermostat has the wiring in the attached picture. Currently there is one (1) green wire in G, one (1) yellow wire in Y, one (1) orange and one (1) light green wires in W (two total in W), one (1) red wire in RC, and one (1) dark green wir...

thermostat wires.jpg
JPike12 by Community Member
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C wire power

I replaced my Honeywell digital thermostat with a Google nest. There are white, yellow, red, green, and blue (common wire). I have properly wired my Google nest, but for some reason is saying that I do not have power to the C wire. First of all, ther...

Mikel1978 by Community Member
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Adding family members

By adding family members in the Google Home App (for accessing Nest Learning Thermostat), do the family members have access to owner's emails, google search history, photos, docs, etc?

Victor2 by Community Member
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3rd Generation Nest Thermostat

I installed the thermostat 5 days ago. I set the temperature to 67 or 68 but the heater continues to run and the temperature in the house is in the 70s. In addition, the control panel of the heater clicks continuously. What could cause this? The wire...

Papatony by Community Member
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Is my NEST bad?

I've been having trouble with my NEXT for months. First, it stopped recognizing the Wifi and would not allow me to control from my iPhone. Ok, I lived with it and adjusted it manually on the wall. Now it is dark and will not turn on. I charged it man...

Lisa1234 by Community Member
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H72 error

I am also having the same issue as many others, heatlink is dead, thermostat shows H72 error code.I have read the other links and carried out procedures as advised but no luckDoes anything happen if you press its button for 30 seconds? NothingIn some...

Cullepl by Community Member
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Nest thermostat won't recognize wifi

I have 3 Nest thermostats and one of them suddenly won't recognize any wifi. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps available. How can I fix this issue or does the thermostat need to be replaced?