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Home is not cooling

Community Member

I am having cooling issues and the thermostat saying 2+ hours to cool the home. My ac unit is running but my home is not cooling. I have also changed the filters. Please help troubleshoot this issue it is 90+ degrees out.


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sometimes the ac unit is working so hard because of heat you may want to check out side to see if there is frost around line, the fins all around are clean and clear of leaves or other air blocking material. Also sometimes the unit in the house above the furnace that connects to ducts can freeze up because it gets dirty over several years. if you see any water by floor where unit is then that would be the case. some places to start

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I am also having this problem. I already checked all the things listed above and they are fine. We have hired 3 ac repairmen and none of them could find a problem with the ac units. Any other suggestions to do with the nest thermostats? Thanks for the help! 

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Me too same issue!  Had my NEST  3rd gen thermostat for over 3 years.  Earlier this summer I enabled Learn Mode - inside temp was between 72 to as high as 78 degrees.  With the externally high Arizona temperature  I disabled Learn Mode, but the unit acted as if Learn was still on.

 I could not bring the inside temperature down to 72.  The display showed 2+ hours to cool.  My AC unit is two years old, with no issues.    I tried factory reset the NEST, even turned off all energy saving features, schedule off, etc.  display showed 2+ hours to cool.  
 Called tech support twice to report this issue.  Had me reset device,  same issue.  One of the tech's mentioned this is a  known problem and a possible software update maybe needed in the future.   Since tech support could not explain or resolve this problem I had no choice but to remove my  NEST unit and install a Honeywell non-programmable thermostat.   Set thermostat to 72 degree and house is now maintained the set temp.  Maybe NEST will  address this issue and provide it customers  a solution.  Disappointed to say the least. 😞