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Hot Water Issue

Community Member



my kids hung wet clothes over my nest and killed the controller.  I bought a new one at the weekend and asked an electrician to wire it up the same as the currently installed unit. He left it with me to setup.

Its an S-Plan heating system / gas boiler so currently set as other/gas/radiators and on/off for water.  All seems to be about working bar hot water.

I've set the schedule back up I had before, made sure hot water schedule is enabled on the thermostat but what I've noticed is the nest ignores the schedule and just kicks hot water in whenever it needs to top the water tank up.


e.g. schedule was off this morning,  and it kicked in early for 15 minutes to top tank up, after the set schedule I ran the hot water tap for the sink, and it kicked in again to top the water up. This never happened on the old system, is this a wiring or setting issue?


thanks Matt