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Humidifier solenoid does not shut off with heat cycle.

Community Member

My nest is wired correctly and set up correctly but the humidifier solenoid runs constantly, unless I turn down the setting for the humidity.  Now they say that if you set it to humid+heat and fan to activate. the humidifier will only operate while the furnace fan is running. Well mine is currently running all the time if I turn the required humidity up off the default setting. Any suggestions on getting this to work correctly, I don't need to waste all this water.





Community Member

I think i solved this, but it still bugs me. the thermostat triggers the humidifier solenoid as long as the thermostat calls for heat. my furnace has a cycle limit and this will cause the furnace to run and shut off and start again all this time the humidifier solenoid will remain open. Now as a controls engineer i find this problematic, I would like to see in a future update that the solenoid would be triggered with fan operation.