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I am getting so frustrated with this new 3rd gen thermostat

Community Member

I can get the heating schedule to work as my wife start work at 3am but **bleep** thing is not working and heating is not switching on with the schedule setup so I have to get up every morning at 2am to make sure the heating system was manually turn on which is a pain in the —— . Spend £180 for the unit and another £300 to install what a wast of money and my old system was doing what it should. Someone please help


Community Member

I'm going to assume you scheduled all days manually. Confirm all days and times are the same on each day 

Confirm your schedule mode is on and it's not on manual operation 

Community Member

I did the schedule every morning from 1:50 to 2:50 Monday to Sunday as well as I set just a trial and it’s not switching it on.