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Latest software version Nest E Thermostat EU

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on this site it's shown that latest software version is 6.2-27. My Nest Thermostat E (EU version) is on 6.1-9. Is the last version for Nest Thermostat E 6.1-9? If not, why I can't update? My thermostat says it's already on latest version. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Dexer125,


Thanks for posting ― let's see what's going on.


For a successful update, make sure to check the following:


  • Your Nest Thermostat is connected to the Internet.
  • Your device is not actively calling for heating or cooling.
  • Verify if the battery level is 3.7 volts or higher. If the battery level is below 3.7 volts when a software update is released, the update will begin once the battery has been charged. You can find the thermostat’s battery level under: Settings > Technical Info > Power.


Keep us posted.





thermostat is connected to the internet, battery level is 3,9V and it's plugged in. 

Is there any update on this please?

Hi Mel,

Could you please give us a follow-up?


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They don't seem interested in helping.

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Hi there, I have the exact same issue with two nest thermostat e, I'm in Ireland.

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I'm having the same issue. Software is up-to-date, battery is fine, wifi is working.

Also tried migrating my nest account to Google. I'm in The Netherlands.

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I am also having the same issue.
Nest thermostat e with 3.91v on the battery. Connected to 2.4Ghz wif, with strong signal. Software 6.1-9 updated 19 March 22 but still says this is the latest. Where as the google site says there are more updates

I'm having the same issue. My software last updated November 2021 but won't update now.

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After i updare to 6.1-9 ,the temperature is higher with 2 degrees celsius .I reset it and restore to factory default but stays tha same.Before update it was working well.Please help

Hi there!Are you FROM ROMÂNIA?which thermostat you have?

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Why the heck was there never an answer here ??? I'm also stuck at 6.1-9, and it claims it's up-to-date, which according to Google, is obviously wrong !! (I'm in Belgium)

Why do European versions seem to remain stuck at that version ?????? 

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Mine stuck at 5.9.5-2, I'm located in Hungary but my thermostat from Germany 🙂 I reset the network 2 times without any luck. 

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I understood from Google ,that for nest learning thermostat it is the latest software version..what we se there is for US residents 

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Still no update on this?

No. Support doesn't care. 

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Hi there! It seems like you are having trouble updating your Nest Thermostat E to the latest version 6.2-27, even though the website indicates that it is available.

One possible reason why you may not be able to update to the Latest Version is that it may not be available in your region yet. Another possibility is that there may be some compatibility issues with your specific model of the Nest Thermostat E.

To ensure that you are eligible for the latest update, you may want to check the Nest support website or contact their support team directly for further assistance. They may be able to provide more information on the latest software version available for your Nest Thermostat E and how to update it. Hope this helps!

Sure… several years to deploy a thermostat firmware… 😂

can we be serious ?

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I understand your concern about the software version of your Nest Thermostat E. While the website shows that the latest version of App is 6.2-27, your thermostat is currently on version 6.1-9. It's possible that the latest version hasn't been rolled out to your specific device yet. Updates are typically released gradually, so it may take some time before your thermostat receives the latest version. Rest assured that your thermostat displaying "latest version" means it is up to date according to the available updates for your device. If there are any critical updates or new features, they should become available for your thermostat in due course.