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Looking for thoughts on temperature

Community Member

I have the latest version of the Nest Thermostat, the one that’s touch sensitive rather than the spinning dial. I guess that’s the latest one. I replaced  a White Rodgers programmable Thermostat. To maintain the same level of warmth with the Nest I need to keep the temp set to 69. With the old, 67 did the job. Is this a calibration issue? Just looking for some thoughts or any advice! Thank you!


Community Member

See my post "Nest Learning Thermostat Takes Too Long To Cycle" a few pages prior. Is the same isse you are having?

Thanks for your reply. I did read your post can see how your issue can be very frustrating. Maybe you simply have a defective unit? Mine seems to cycle fine 69 gets the indoor temperature to 67.7, it cycles back on when temp dips to about 66.6. I assuming that no two thermostats will read the same! Good luck and please advise of your outcome