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Max Duration - which setting is most cost effective?

Community Member

Which setting for Max Duration causes the auxiliary heat to turn on the least amount of time, thus being the most economical?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi MCortada, 


Thanks for reaching out to us. The Nest Thermostat does have several energy-saving features and capabilities designed to help you save energy and reduce costs, such as learning your schedule, adjusting temperatures based on occupancy, and providing energy usage reports. The Max Savings heat pump balance option causes the auxiliary heat to turn on in the least amount of time, thus being the most economical. If you choose Max Savings, your thermostat will try to use your AUX heat as little as possible to help increase your savings. Your lockout temperature will be set to a lower temperature, which means AUX heat will typically turn on later and less often. Follow this Heat Pump Balance article to learn more about how to change the Heat Pump Balance settings of your thermostat.


Let us know if you have any other questions.