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Multi-thermostat coordination for apartment dwellers

Community Member

Does anyone else have this problem? The heating systems in NY are individual in wall units specific to each room. In my case I have 8 heating/cooling units with 8 nest thermostats. (I should have stock in the company) In the living/kitchen/dining there are 3 units but the spaces are interconnected, like a great room. In order to adjust the temperature for this space I need to change 3 thermostats. Is there anyway to connect the thermostats together so that changing one changes all? The nest app has a room function, but it seems pretty useless if you cannot control every nest in that room at the same time. What is the point? This seems like it would be an easy programming fix for google/nest but while I have suggested it in the past, there does not seems to be much interest. 

thanks for listening