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Nest App is Showing different temperature in room than the device

Community Member

Hi, I'm trying to resolve an issue I noticed the last couple days. The Nest iOS app is showing a different temperature than the actual device. I have confirmed that the actual room temp has been around 70 degrees and that's also what the Nest in the room displays. However, in the Nest app it says the room is currently 77 degrees. It's been this way for at least the last couple days. Is this a glitch in the iOS app? I tried restarting the thermostat but there was no change.


Community Member

i am having the same problem. pls post here if you found solution

Community Member

Same deal happening to me lately w/ the Android app. It's frustrating the hell out of me! Did you ever figure out the cause of the issue on your end? Cheers.

Same here, can’t find an answer.

Community Member

same here. hacked? battery life fine. goes off line a ton