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Nest Humidity Control not adjusting for outside temperature

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I have a Nest Learning Thermostat 2 gen that I use to control a humidifier as well and I noticed that the humidity setting levels have no option for an automatic mode and they do not change with outside temperature.  This is a big problem where I live as temps routinely drop below zero in the winter and with the nest keeping RH levels high I wind up with major condensation issues if I don't constantly monitor the setting.  

I saw on @tanderson097 's post, that they had similar issues but that the original humidity setting also didn't include numbers but only droplets.  I noticed that shortly after I enabled humidity control on our Nest that the setting went from droplets only to an actual RH level so I assumed the update to change settings based on outside temp had also been pushed but it has not.  

Please enable an automatic control ASAP, this can cause severe damage to a house and I don't think many people would assume that a Nest thermostat is only capable of manual humidity control. I know they lack a true outside temp sensor but being internet enabled the local forecast should be plenty accurate enough.




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100% agree. Only having manual humidity control is a major pain point for my family. I would even be willing to buy an extra nest temp sensor and stick it outside if it enabled auto humidity control.

Don’t be willing to buy an “extra sensor”

It can get the outdoor temp from the internet and auto adjust itself, they just need to do a software update to allow for this setting

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This is a long term shortfall for the Nest thermostat.  It used to have APIs allowed that gave access to programmers, and a guy in Canada designed a system for varying humidity with temperature.  Any Nest user could setup their personal Nest on their server, edit the parameters, and it would control humidity.  When Google bought Nest, they disabled those APIs which ended that setup. 
    Google has not responded to this request to build a humidity control varying with temperature for years now.  It would be great if they would, as water condensing on windowsills in freezing temperatures is indeed damaging and causes mold growth too.  

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Hello! Google! Fix this. Just let the humidity be automatically controlled by the built in weather predictions. This is a mold and mildew issue that is happening to tons of customers. This is a simple software fix that you can do. Why are you ignoring this? 

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I may as well add my self to the list of people that would buy a Nest thermostaqt if it handled humidity properly. Minnesota resident here. Condensation is a health concern, and a major pain to deal with. Simple code change should be able to look at a simple 2D lookup table for values relative to outside temps.


Google, fix this.