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Nest Learning Thermostat takes forever to heat and cool.

Community Member

During the summer months it would take forever for the thermostat to cool 2+hrs. This morning I attempted to heat the house from 68 degeess to 74 and it says 2+hrs. Any help would be appreciated. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Mr9one8,


We appreciate you reaching out to us. I know how important it is to have a functioning heater, and I know it's frustrating to wait. But I'd be happy to shed some light on your situation here.

Normally, the Time-to-Temperature shows an estimation of how long it would take to reach the target temperature. It also depends on the temperature difference between the set temperature and the current temperature. However, if it appears to be taking too long and still doesn't reach the temperature, a power-related issue and the system's efficiency could be the question.

To isolate, can you share with us your thermostat's wiring? Also, gather the power readings for it from the Technical Info settings.

Keep me posted.