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Nest Learning Thermostat will not Signal for Heat after hitting the Safety Temperature

Community Member

A couple of days ago I turned off the Nest Learning thermostat in the attic.  Prior to this time, it was working fine.  The outside temperature dropped low and the thermostat hit the safety temperature.  The thermostat will no longer signal for heat regardless of the temperature setting or whether the mode is in heat, heat/cool, or eco.  The other two of my Nest Learning thermostats in the house are working fine.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Community Member

I am having the same issue.  Temp dropped below safety temperature because of a power outage.  Now thermostat will only heat to the safety temperature.

Community Member

For the second time in two months, my Nest Learning thermostat stopped sending heat signal to trigger furnace although is remotely shows it is heating / orange display.    Very similar to above.   First time I had to travel 3 hr. to my cabin to power cycle; no other change and furnace started running.   I have tried to trigger a different response this time with no success.  off, heat, eco.; similarly as others have tried.   What is going on; this is not a robust control and may need to switch out three units to another brand as now may have frozen pipes and further pursuit of damages from Nest.

Community Member

I am having the same issue