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Nest Termosthat v3 doesent connect with Google home

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When I go to my nest app I can login with my google account and use the thermostat v3
When I try to add the NEST in Google Home I need to login with a NEST account.
I don`t have a nest account, I use the Google account.

How to add the thermostat into google home?
Google don`t have an answer




If your thermostat is present in your Google Nest app, you should not have to add it to the Google Home app. It should automatically appear in the same Google Nest "home" in the Google Home app.

I've seen other posts on this bug in this forum, with no clear resolution or answer from Google Nest.

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Community Specialist

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I'm just dropping by to see how I can help.


I appreciate your assistance, @MplsCustomer. Big help!


@TheDutch, to can organize and manage your Nest thermostat in the Google Home app. There's no need for you to set it up for another product. Just make sure to login with the same email account associated with your thermostat.


Try these steps:


  1. Check the email account on the Nest App.
  2. Once verified, open the Google Home App.
  3. Check the email linked on the top right hand corner of the homepage.
    1. If they are not the same, select the drop-down arrow beside the email and add another account to enter your email address.
    2. If the same, go back to the homepage and check for available home structures to switch. Check out this guide.


Let us know if that helps.


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In the post below, a customer with the same probem created a dummy new "home" in the Google Nest app, with nothing in it, saw that it appeared in the Google Home app, then deleted that dummy empty "home" in the Google Home app, and their thermostat then showed up in their original "home". Strange; perhaps creating and deleting the "home" forced the Google Home app to sync with the Google Nest app.  Perhaps there is a syncing problem.

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Thanks for sharing additional information, @MplsCustomer.


@TheDutch, I'm checking in to make sure that you've seen our response. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.




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