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Nest Thermostat Scheduling Terrible

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I purchased the nest thermostat assuming google developers understood basic application development; I figured I'd be able to schedule my temperature like any other past device, but the device would be more aesthetically pleasing.  To my surprise what I discovered was an app that appears to have been written by a team of accountants, (accountants come to mind because the grid format, the by Mode worksheet entry format... accountants love spreadsheets right?)

Seriously google, you can do better than this.  How did this scheduling module ever pass QA?  Was this ever presented to a leadership team prior to release??  It saddens me Google let something this terrible reach production.

I'm too frustrated and confused to list all of the issues with the scheduling module within your app and feel I'm not paid to provide the necessary product management your team requires.  Instead, I recommend Google reviews the scheduling module with a mindset of a user, then consider intuitive improvements.  Consumers should not have to google how to use a Google device.

Seriously, fix this, you're better than this.


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I can't agree more. Perhaps the thermostat was created in the winter as a way to save heat because after hours of trying to figure it out, watching YouTube videos, and reading instructions I am pretty heated and frustrated. 

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Found out I cannot delete the three "Ready-made" temperature settings? The Eco mode is also fixed st 76° or higher... not lower.  It cannot be changed. 

The Nest keeps "reverting" to Eco mode at will to save the planet? Here in Texas 76° inside a hallway at the sensor means its 80° in the room... ugh

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Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate users who are keen on sharing with us their thoughts. We'll take this as feedback. We're always here if there's anything else you need.




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