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Nest app hot water screen grey when on

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Hi anyone else experiencing in the app when hit water is on the screen status grey. However when turn on manually via heatlink it is orange and says manual. Tried reset but when I boost water it starts but status grey. Very annoying



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This has been going on for about 3 years, and incompetent Google will not address the problem. I asked the senior team 3 years ago to rectify the icon colour, as I feel the Orange proves the hot water is on and would then also match the heating colour.

Well after 3 years, nothing!!

You will also notice,if the thermostat is wired ONLY, and not linked wireless the hot water is indeed orange.

Another way is if a restart is done, again the hot water icon goes orange, but only for about 2-3 mins.

I would have thought Google and their big hot shots could have sorted such a simple issue out. Sadly not!

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I think that the heat link actually can detect if the cylinder thermostat is open or closed - must be very clever current sensing? In any event, mine seems to send a grey icon once the tank is hot - and I am not using open therm.

No, this is software problem and is known to Nest.

You can trick the thermostat to show orange icons on both, ONLY if you hard wire and NOT connect wireless. Pretty pointless as the idea is for a wireless thermostat.

There are some original 3rd gen thermostats out there that show BOTH icons in the orange state, and I do have one. I would think most users will have the grey hot water icon sadly.

Having said all that, Nest rectify the problem which has been going on for years, and you have never sorted.

OK - just to clarify - I have the UK edition which uses a heat link box and switches mains voltages. My thermostat is connected wirelessly to the heat link. Mine definitely shows an orange status for the hot water when it comes on, but it reverts to grey (still showing hot water as on during the programmed period) when the cylinder thermostat opens (tank reaches the temperature set on the tank). I do not know how it does this, but it must be able to sense the very small current to neutral through the completed circuit.

Yes UK with Heat Link

OK, so you have yet another configuration!

Mine is orange at all times when either heat or hot water is called for.

Mine is hard wired and wireless, and I an running a system oil boiler.

This is very interesting, as 99% of the stats fitted go grey with the words 'ON' for hot water, but the heating always is orange when called for.

The connections at the Heat Link relays are they 2&3 - 5&6

I agree, that's how most time switches display. I just checked mine. When there is a scheduled hot water event, the heat link sends a live to my cylinder thermostat, and that, when closed (cold) sends the live to my hot water coil pump (I have a dedicated one) and associated motor valve, and it also sends the live to a relay that opens when energised and shuts off the valve and circulator for the heating. That is how I get hot water priority from my boiler, that runs the HW circuit at 75 degrees but 60 or less for the radiators.
So I went downstairs during a hot water timed period. Both heating and hot water showed on and orange. I turned the cylinder thermostat down, and a couple of minutes later the HW showed ON but grey. Turning the cylinder stat back up, the icon went orange after a minute.

I should add that the app does not display these status changes immediately. It takes a couple of minutes to display the change.

Yes, they are 2-3 and 5-6