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Nest thermostat 3 screen won't turn on

Community Member

Hello everyone, this is my issue with the thermostat. Information display on the app

Modèle: Display-3.4

Modèle du support: unknown

Nº de série: 09AA01AC511703CS

Identifiant de l’appareil: 

Logiciel: 5.9.5-2

Dernière mise à jour: Jamais

MAC Wi‑Fi: 

MAC: 6416660ba09c


Dernier contact: il y a plus d’un jour

Pile: 3,82 volts

So my thermostat is installed since 3 years and used to work find until last week . During summer I put it off with an option from the app but it won't turn on again. Screen stay black. There is a red dot flashing when I try the reset method by pushing it for 10 seconds.

I followed support instructions by unmount it and charge by cable. Light goes green again and Zhen I push I got a single orange light and green back again. 

I tried to plug it to my computer with different cable but no device mounted.

The light keep on green.

App indicate display is not connected. 

My installation is a wall mount with havoc system. 

Please any help I followed all instructions on support page and there is no way to contact Google support for the display it is a bit frustrating. 

Thank you. Let me know if you need more details.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Jonathan21, 


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that your thermostat is not turning on though you've charged it already. Let me take a look at this for you. A few questions: 


  1. Are you located in North America or Europe? 
  2. When did this first occur?
  3. If the thermostat was recently installed, What is the make and model of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment?
  4. Are the power breakers on, and do you receive power to your home?
  5. Is the thermostat's display seated properly?
  6. Are all the wires of your thermostat seated firmly in its terminals (with no loose or exposed wires)?
  7. Are there any bent connector pins at the back of your thermostat display?
  8. Did you use a micro-USB cable in charging the thermostat?
  9. Did you try to use other micro-USB cable to charge the thermostat?
  10. Did you plug in the thermostat to a working power outlet?
  11. For how long did you charge the thermostat?


I'll look forward to your response. 




Community Member

It is written on my story it is installed on a wall mount havoc since 3 years. Always have work. I try different cable. 

Everything is normal with the device nothing is brocken and it plugs correctly. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, 


Gotcha. Don't give up on us yet. We'd like to further check on this. Could you fill out this form and let me know once you're done?




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Jonathan21, 


Checking back in — we haven't received your form. Were you able to fill it out? Still need our help?