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Nest thermostat set to 19.5C but building temperature is higher (21.5C)

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my thermostat is set to 19.5C and is scheduled to heat my office from about 8AM. However, when I get in the office (about 9AM), the temperature is at 21.5C. I live in northern England so the outside temperature is about 14C at this time of year. The heating system is radiators via gas boiler.

I imagine that there is latent heat in the system so I think the thermostat keeps the boiler on until the room reaches 19.5C and switches off, however the latent heat in the system keeps heating the room beyond the thermostat temperature (???). Is that possible? If so I cannot be the only one with this issue.

Is there something I can do to compensate? If I switch the thermostat to below the desired temperature, say 17C, then the room will get too cold before the boiler kicks back in.

Any suggestions?



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I have a similar problem. My heat is on when house temperature is much higher than target temperature.

I set target temp to 65 Fahrenheit thermostat reads current temp is 71 and heat keep pumping.