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Preheat fails to update with cold weather

Community Member

How long should the Nest take to relearn preheat times when the exterior temperature drops? We've had a number of days of really low temp, and it remains too cold in the morning after being set back to 58 over night.  Time-to-temp says "ready". Max duration is at the 5 hour default. Looking at the history for yesterday, it seems that the furnace didn't turn on steadily until ~5AM, running stage 1 for and hour, then switching to stage 2.  it is supposed to hit 70 at 7:00. This morning it was still at 65 at 7:15. Any suggestions?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

HI LeeEugeneMiller,


Thank you for reaching out and for giving out those details. 

In order to learn, your thermostat needs to have Auto-Schedule turned on. You can check this setting in the app or on your thermostat.

  • In the app: On the Nest app home screen, select your thermostat and then Settings Nest settings icon and then Auto-Schedule.
  • On your thermostat: Go to Settings Nest settings icon and then Nest Sense and then Auto-Schedule.

We'll need to give it a few days to learn.
Also, check out this link to know more.