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Query about works with Nest connections.

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I currently only have a Nest learning Thermostat in my home which I control via the Nest app on my android phone. I have no other smart devices.  I have checked the nest app & under works with nest - no connections show. Will I have to make any changes  by 29th Sept when the works with nest connections stop working?




None of Google Nest's thermostats have ever used the "Works with Nest" capability.

The Nest Learning Thermostat gets installed in the Google Nest app, but if you are signing onto the Google Home app with the same Google Account you're using to sign onto the Google Nest app, you should also see the thermostat in the Google Home app.


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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


@Oracle79, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. What MplsCustomer has shared is right on the spot. Also, in case you're planning to link your Nest Thermostat to your smart speaker with the Works with Nest feature, these are the voice commands that you can perform:


  • "Hey Google, what’s the temperature inside?"
  • "Hey Google, make it warmer (or cooler)."
  • "Hey Google, set the temperature to [#] degrees."
  • "Hey Google, raise (or lower) the temperature [#] degrees."
  • "Hey Google, set the thermostat to heating."
  • "Hey Google, turn the thermostat to heat-cool mode."

To learn more, you may visit our public article “Use Google Assistant with Nest products”.


 I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




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I see "Google Assistant" multiple times in the "Works with Nest" connections screen, but I'm having a hard time understanding with that means. When "Works with Nest" stops, will Google Assistant be unable to connect with my Nest products?


"Works with Nest" was a way for third-party devices to access and control Nest products. If you do NOT have a non-Google Nest product interfacing with your Google Nest devices, you are not affected.

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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

@wibbler, i'd like to jump in here and check if you've seen MplsCustomer's response. Let us know if you need more help by replying to this thread.

Thanks for the help, @MplsCustomer and @Emerson.