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Takes several tries for furnace to kick on

Community Member

My furnace is taking several times for the heat to kick on. We have it set for a heat pump and everything but it has been taking more than one try these last couple days. 


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Perhaps I have a similar problem with a forced air furnace. For heating, the gas burner ignition sequence takes several tries to finally ignite. The furnace is new, nest wired properly and the furnace operated correctly with a regular thermostat.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks, 


Sorry for the delay but thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Community. I have a few questions to better understand what's going on with your Nest thermostat devices.


@nestnotworking, what type of Nest thermostat is this and when did you first experience this concern? If the heating does not turn on, do you get a specific message or code on the display or on your Nest app? Also, does it occur when you try to call for cooling as well?


@Harpreet, this this is a first time setup, have you checked your system with our online Compatibility Checker before installing? If yes, could you provide the make and model of your furnace including a photo of your thermostat wires with your old thermostat and your Nest thermostat?