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Thermostat keeps turning itself up

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The thermostat keeps turning itself up to 73 degrees. Thats to warm for us. I’ve turned of the learning ability, but it won’t stop turning itself up. How can this be stopped.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Thermostat shouldn't change its temperature if you've turned off all the learning features as well as the scheduling features.  Are you sure nobody else in your house is adjusting it either in person or through the app?  If it continues you might try factory resetting the thermostat and restarting from scratch.  Be sure to disable all learning features if that is the route you go.

I finally figured it out. No, no one else was turning up the thermostat. Even though I disabled the learning ability, it maintains the schedule. You can look on the ap to verify. You need to do one more step on the thermostat itself. There’s a way to make it forget the schedule without a full factory reset. 

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Ok so how do you do it I’m having the same problem and I’m beyond frustrated I wanted to take it back. 

Im sorry to bother you but I dont see the solution posted here….

The only thing that has worked for me so far, is a factory reset. 

i still have the away/assist issue, I don’t have my phone connected to it as if the heating is left on of a night it should reduce it down to its eco temp. Nest told me to turn my location services off, they said Apparantly it still runs in the back ground…. I shall see x

The last two weeks my nest thermostat has been turning itself on.. I'm the only one that has access to it. It's not on any routine or schedule and is always in the off mode.. can you help, it's a nest e learning thermostat.


I've done all the troubleshoots.

I have had the same problem recently. I have 2 units (3rd generation) for a long time.  Unfortunately, one of them acts up recently.  I'm sick and tired of it and may change to another brand.

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how do i disable the learning ability?

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Did you figure it out? I have a similar problem while in the cool mode. I've reset the unit. I remove all the scheduling and even turn it off.  The unit turns itself back on.  The strange thing is my 2nd identical unit is fine.

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Anyone know why it’s doing it?? It’s 3.03am and it’s turned it’s self up and it’s so hot, it’s wasting my electrify/gas than saving it. This is the 2nd time I’m awake during the morning to find the heating blasting out! 

all learning features are off and even home/away assit isn’t working! 

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I too am having the same issue. Heating set to off, blank schedule, learning and preheat turned off, thermostat turned right down, yet the heating keeps coming on. I have done a factory reset too but no luck.

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I’ve done a factory reset … I made sure true radinet was turned off this time too. 

The only things that are on is 

Time to temp - ready

Sun block - on ready

leaf - ready


every thing else off. 

my home/away assist still isn’t working either 

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Today I have set my heating to ON but turned it down to 9 in the hope that nothing overrides it. Not that I should have to do this. It's been off for the last few months without any problems. Turn it on once on a cold evening and now I can't turn it off!! Financially it couldn't be a worse time for the heating to have a mind of it's own!

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mine was set on 18.5 (home/away 18, not that it works) and it was turning it self up to 22. 

mine is only a few weeks old, but my previous one in my old house, I had no issues with everything worked fine.


if it continues I’ll have to call nest. 

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Instead of helping lower the bills this thermostat is turning itself on, in spite of me constantly lowering the thermostat it automatically jumps higher! Frustrating and this glitch needs to be fixed by Nest! 

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There may be more than 1 app controlling this.

check 1. Google home app 2. nest app

For each authorized user in your household, check both of the above two apps for scheduled events.

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I had to go to the nest app and remove my schedule points even if I deleted the app it was still changing my thermostat 

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I have no schedule and have set the phones to auto away, however when I leave the house it goes into Eco mood and when my dads looking after the little one walking in front of the thermostat it doesn’t pick them up to turn the heating up. 

ive recently been away and eco mood set and I’ve looked at the app and it’s some how came out of eco and puts the heating up, 


in my old house with the nest app I never had this issue, if the thermostat had t picked movement it put it in Eco mode, picks up movement put the heating to where it was left.


why ain’t nest sorting out these issues