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Unable to add Google Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat to Google Home app

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I have nest learning 3rd gen thermostat and nest thermostat that is not learning one. For the thermostat set up I have to use google home app which I was able to set up successfully and was able to share. But when I am trying to set up the nest learning 3rd gen I am having all the issues. Firstly, the app is getting stuck at the page that is asking for the location of the device. Frustrated I tried to use google home app to set up and this app doesn't support the learning thermostat. Why google has to have 2 apps to set up google made thermostats.  Lot of time has been spent and now regretting buying google products. If any one reading this please go and buy other company made. thermostats rather than google. Total waste of money and time. 


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The Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Gen must be set up using the Nest App, and then it will appear on the Google Home app.

The Google Home app is slowly replacing the Nest app. Only original Nest products work with the Nest app, and all New Google Nest products only work with the Google Home app.

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Hey @Patrick_Caezza

I used the nest app itself to configure 3rd genNest Learning Thermostat. The mobile app didn't work no matter how may times I tried and got stuck on the same page where it asks for the location of the device in the house. I read through the forums and some one mentioned its a known issue from long time and should use iPad to make it work.  When I tried it worked for me too. If it is a known issue in the mobile device to set up nest thermostat 3rd gen why the google team doesn't remediate it. I don't understand that at all. Also I am using 13 pro max not an old phone. Wonder if someone doesn't have iPad what they will do. 
@Patrick_Caezza Also like you mentioned the nest 3rd gen thermostat after when added in the nest app, didn't show up in google home app like you mentioned. I checked everything like I am using the same home in google home app and under same wifi and all other details. Still 3rd gen is not appearing on google home.