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Using one Learning thermostat on a zoned Heated floor

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Hello everyone.

I am planning to build a new house, with heated floors and a boiler, and i am looking for possible compatibility with google thermostat system. I want to put Normally Open (in case of failure) electric valves to different house zones, and them to be controlled by the thermostat. But i want to use only one thermostat, with different nest temperature sensors, and a heatlink for each valve, is that possible? 

I don't see why i would require (and also being very expensive) to have multiple thermostats for different zones (according to google help), in which case i would end up using a hybrid solution remotely controlling the valves, but i really like the "True Radiant" function since is one of the main downsides of a heated floor.


Thank you very much




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

What you want to do is not possible with any of the Nest thermostats.