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E74 code no power to rh wire.

Just installed a new nest gen 3 learning thermostat on 01/14/2022 which went without a hitch and worked fine until this morning. My house was cold and my nest thermostat did not show any temperature. It had a e74 code, no power to RH wire. Reset my p...

Nest shutting off

I have a nest in a vacant rental property that I am renovating. There is no WiFi in the home. When the outside temperature is under freezing I like to set the thermostat to a warm setting to keep the home warm and prevent the pipes in the home from f...

Coldone by Community Member
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Nest 3rd gen Learning thermostat for Rheem heat pump

I have a newly installed Rheem 2 stage heat pump, with Aux Heat paired with a 3rd gen Nest learning T-stat.I'm sure the system is not wired correctly, but I've had the installer back to the house twice and frankly he does not really understand the Ne...

Resolved! Nest install without the QR/6 digit number

Is the QR code/6 digit code part of the serial number? I just bought a house with the thermostat installed on the wall. And the heater didn't work so I reset it back to factory settings. Help...

Isabella by Community Member
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w5 error I bought nest thermostat

I bought Nest in May 2020 from Amazon is still under warranty, I tried every possible solution. How to I get a replacement. I heard that not finding wifi is a known problem. if I get a replacement howe long is warranty. Can someone help me get a repl...

Programable Furnace Cycle Feature

Hey Nest Developers, my electrical provider charges for highest kW demand (15 min intervals) in addition kHr. Since I'm an all-electric household and my winter demand doesn't reset for 6 months, it would be great if you had a program feature to allow...

Nester2 by Community Member
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How can I delete a Google Home profile?

Hi -I have been having a very long standing issue connecting my Nest Thermostats (2020) to the Google Home app. In a recent attempt to resolve my issue, I created a new home profile called "Thermostat Test". My attempt did not work and now I cannot d...

Ghostnyc by Community Member
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