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Warranty on Nest Thermostat Gen 3

Community Member

Hello Everyone,

First time posting...

Question regarding warranty... On October 02, 2022 I called into Google regarding my Google Nest Thermostat not working... the battery was showing an error and would not connect to Wifi.

Customer service ran me through some processes to test the thermostat and in the end told me that the thermostat would have to be replaced... still under warranty... they placed me on hold and returned to ask me to try one last thing, remove my thermostat from the dock and try charging the thermostat using the charge port on the back using a different charger for 24 hours, after which I should reattach it to the dock and see if that solves the problem... they said if it did not solve the problem they would replace the thermostat. I jokingly asked what if the warranty lapse during this test period and I was told that if that was the case, it would still be covered under warranty since the issue was initially reported within the warranty period.

The thermostat appeared to work once again, however a few days later it again died, displaying the same battery error message and would not connect to Wifi. We recharged the thermostat again using the external power source and reconnected the thermostat to the dock, however we disabled the wifi to save on battery power... this is what we were told to do by the Google customer service representative.

I went away on business and did not have time to call Google back regarding the issue. When I returned, I had forgotten about the thermostat, because the furnace was working, until November 11, 2022, when I went to adjust the heat,

Again I noticed that the Wifi was not working and remember the previous issue.

I called Google customer service again to have the thermostat replaced under warranty... except... you guessed it!... it was no longer under warranty... the warranty had expired on October 15, 2022... I was unaware of the warranty end date and the previous Google customer service representative had never mentioned it.

I provided the previous case number reference as proof that I had reported the malfunction earlier... prior to the warranty ending.

Google customer service told me that it did not matter when I had originally reported the malfunction... the warranty had already ended by the date of my follow-up call and Google would no longer replace the thermostat under warranty.

The question is of course, should the thermostat be covered under warranty and can anyone tell me where I could escalate this matter to?... the Google customer service representative told me there was no one further to speak to.

Thanks in advance.