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Nest Thermostats

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How to connect my nest correctly

I need help with how to connect my nest thermostat to my system. I have a Ruud system. Here is a pic of the original thermostat. AC worked fine when I hooked it up just like that but the heat isn't kicking on, just blows cold air. Tried O and then tr...

Thermostat not heating

Having issues with heat not coming on. Found previous forum where people had the same issue. Nest customer service advised to: 1 turn off unit2 switch Green and Yellow wires3 turn unit back on4 call for heat. I have done this and hear the heat clicki...

Liz_Ron26 by Community Member
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Run cool test error

Hi guys, I installed my nest thermostat and after the installation it allowed me to test the heat, the fan but when I press to test the cool, it said that did not allowed me to test it because the temp was lower than 65 although on the main screen it...

peronix by Community Member
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Nest thermostat wiring for humidifier

I have a 5 wires coming to my thermostat . 1.G (fan)2. Red (Power)3. W (heat) 4. C (Common) 5. *(Humidifier). Every time I try to set of the nest thermostat it tells me to contact a pro installer. I know it's due to the * wire.How do you get into the...

Tjmah1976 by Community Member
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2 wire (R&W) heat only system with 24V transformer

Greetings,I have a 2 wire (R&W) heat only system and a Nest Thermostat. There is an existing 24v transformer in the system. The Nest thermostat is hooked up and working but I am receiving a N260 error and the motion sensing is not working. Can I run ...

CurrentWiring.jpg NestThermostat.jpg OldThermostat.jpg
KevinDG by Community Member
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Wiring help

 can’t find info on this configuration anywhere. I imagine I can just skip the E jumper, but all I get is “call a pro”.


Nest thermost resets itself

Hi there I got a issue with my gen 3 nest thermostat, once a month my nest thermostat resets it self! For some reason it does that and I have to input all the settings and info again! I don’t know what to do I don’t get any error messages it just sho...

Heat Link

6 months after installation and my Heat Link has died … no lights, no nothing. Does anyone know how to get a replacement?

James984 by Community Member
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Heat link

The heat link has failed after just one year how do you contact nest?