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no heat!!

Just installed the Nest Thermostat Gen 3 model last night followed all the directions took a pic of the prior wireing on old thermostat and labled all correctly on the new nest but no heat the fan is blowing cold air

Rieracorp by Community Member
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Nest/Home apps conflict on home/away assist

The presence sensing of my Nest thermostat isn’t working. Within the nest app, when I turn on use phone location, it disables it in the Home app. Within the Home app under presence sensing, it will say "you're using this feature on another phone", an...

40marine by Community Member
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Dehumidifier setting on Nest

I have a whole-house dehumidifier that works well. However, I seem to notice the dehumidifier stays on longer that before, way past the humidity setting. I have my RF set at 55% and it will stay on until it reaches below 50%. Also, it is set as a sta...

Chrisnavy by Community Member
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Can't add Nest E thermostat to Nest App

I can't access the menu on the Nest E screen. All I get is this on the screen or sometimes the same thing without the download symbol. These symbols came on after I default reset the thermostat. When I try to "add product" for the thermostat, it look...

MikeWard by Community Member
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Temperature sensor

Can you add temperature sensors to UK Nest thermostats?

Rids by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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No WiFi connection between the nest v3 and heatlink

I have had the thermostat for about 3 years and since yesterday i keep getting a connection error. Wired is working fine but the WiFi connection wont connect anymore. I checked the heatlink and seems to work fine. I gave it a factor reset up to blue ...

Yuni by Community Member
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My best goes offline every day/night. WiFi is good and stays connected to other devices in house . I have the latest app according to the thermostat. I have to restart the thermostat everyday. Sometimes more than once

JCL by Community Member
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Resolved! multiple google accounts for Nest Thermostats

We are planning to get Nest Thermostats. So here is a question. I understand that you will need to use one google acocunt to set up the Nest account. Does this mean that all the family members will know my google password?Thank you

Paige-Roo by Community Member
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Heat link no light

Hi, my nest heating link has stopped working.There is no light on it. There is power to the boiler and the boiler is on but I can’t get any heating and can’t use any troubleshooting because it seems to just be dead.My thermostat has a H71 error. Plea...

snedh1 by Community Member
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Wiring help.

My old thermostat has a terminal marked "W/E" with a white wire connected. I'm guessing this is where the white wire on the Nest thermostat gets connected. Please confirm if you're positive. Google online chat was not helpful.

BillyZ by Community Member
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