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incorrect temperature reading on Gen 3

Community Member

My Nest Gen 3 thermostat has begun to display the incorrect temperature. This becan after an electrician switch the common (C ) to the Fan (G)  terminal and then back to the (C) after trying the fan only option.

I have restarted & factory reset the device but the problem is persisting. You can see in the photo that actual indoor temp is 69 while the nest reads 63.


Any suggestion are welcome.




It can take time for the temperature sensor to adjust to the room in some situations, for example if you moved it to another room and moved it back. Also I assume you have the sunblock setting enabled?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, sunblock is enabled. That said it has been in this location for a couple of years with no issue until now.

This seems to be a hardware issue, you could try to lobby a replacement to Google support or alternatively buy a cheap Nest temperature sensor on Ebay. 

Community Member

My thermostat is consistently off by 2 degrees. I have a home weather station that also provides the temp inside. It sits right next to my Nest so I can see the temp variation.  It seems as if restarting the thermostat temporarily solves the problem but it returns after a while. Is there a fix for this? I really like the product but it is giving my doubts and I am seriously considering going back to my original T6 thermostat.