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Nest Thermostats

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Nest and Smart TRVs

Hey Product ManagersAre there any plans to *integrate* Nest with Smart TRVs?There are a lot of messages in this forum from people looking for proper integration between any brand of smart TRV and Nest, not just compatibility but integration.Integrati...

GreySpike by Community Member
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Temperature adjusting beyong settings

I have the heat set to 68 degrees and it would be working fine then suddenly heat the house to 76 degrees. Anyone else experience this? Also happened similarly in the past with cooling.

Joshg by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Turns On--Don't know why!

My house has two Nest Learning thermostats, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. Every night at 11:00pm the downstairs heater comes on, at 77 degrees.The schedule is NOT set to go on anywhere close to 11:00pm, and is not set to 77 degrees. Only the ...

rmruby by Community Member
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Unscheduled heating

We have a schedule for our heating in our house, a period in the mornings and again in the late afternoons, nothing in between, quite often I find the heating coming on outside of the scheduled times, especially overnight, I sometimes have to get up ...

Resolved! Nest remote sensor stopped working

We have a nest remote sensor purchased in May of this year. Today it stopped working. I've tried replacing the battery as well as resetting it by pulling the battery and removing it from the app, then re-adding it. It fails stating it cannot connect ...

Not cutting on when it’s below set temp

The other morning my thermostat didn’t cut on from 7-9am and it was set on 70. When I saw it at 9 it was reading 64 in the house but still set on 70. We turned the learning capability off. Today it didn’t turn on at all 8-9am. I know the house for be...

Lc6 by Community Member
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Anyone else having problems with temp sensors?

For quite some time my Nest learning thermostat worked fine with the temperature sensor schedule. Recently it seems to be reverting to using the thermostat alone. I can manually have it use a sensor but it always reverts to the thermostat temperature...