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AP setting 2.5 vs 5

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I get making things simple but do we actually have to ask for control over our equipment again? Either pixel or nest routers have to allow us to choose to override and use either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz if we want.  Talk about user experience, it was totally embarrassing to have to take my half priced third-party product next door to my neighbor's house to set it up.  Try explaining that your Pixel 7 and Google nest pro won't let you do it any other way.  Even Google's own Chromecast has issues if you haven't bought the latest version.  2.5 GHz does have its advantages in certain situations and we should be able to use it based on our choice, that may not always be understood by the super smart advanced router.

If you agree, then it's time to spam feedback for the option!  Personally I think it's best left in the router as an option.  What's the point in having dual band if I can't switch between them when I like?


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hello @TryingMyBest 

WiFi client devices decide which band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) to connect to. The network can provide clients with some extra information that they can use to make better decisions, but it's still up to them (and not all clients support this extra information, since it's part of the optional 802.11k and 802.11v standards). Point being, the router/network can't really control this – but the client device can (and some client devices do a much better job of it than others).

I believe many Android devices used to allow the user to specify which band to connect to, but that option seems to have disappeared in more recent products. If you want this control back, I would encourage you to send feedback for those products.

Gettings @MichaelP !

I really appreciate your reply and I understand your point of view. The device can choose if they're both available and the device has the ability to do that. But if AP isolation were made available then I wouldn't have to rely on the device. I think it would be as simple as a three position toggle. Obviously the simple minded default would be "Device".  Advanced users might choose 2.5 or 5 if they have a specific reason to do so.  While following standards is always the preference to ask from developers, sometimes very good devices might not have the most knowledgeable developers. Using a very inexpensive product that does everything well but handle this decision shouldn't have to be eliminated.  In my case spending twice the money for the exact same product that handles 5 GHz seemed like an idiot move. Thereby the reason I am posting in the user experience section.

Your point is absolutely well made for my Pixel 7. However it's not the primary purpose of the device to choose which band and having both change dynamically for the best connection to the router serves the purpose of a smartphone.  Third party products connecting to the phone itself are usually using Bluetooth and don't care about the band the phone is using. If the third party product needs the phone to be on a specific band to be able to connect to the phone then I would agree 100%. Unfortunately it's the router that all of these lower cost products are trying to establish a connection to. Which is why I feel the router is the appropriate location for the option.  AP isolation is absolutely an advanced setting but it's gone in Nest pro.

Knocking on the neighbor's door to save a few bucks was worth it but my experience with my top of the line router was absolutely diminished because of it.

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

@MichaelP, we appreciate your help here. 

@TryingMyBest, thanks for posting. We appreciate your thoughts about adding network features like AP isolation. While this specific feature is not available, sending feedback will give our product team more data that they can use to improve and enhance the overall experience of using Google Wifi and Nest Wifi products.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, we'll close the thread after 24 hours.

Kind regards,