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Adding nest wifi access point makes wifi slower

Community Member

I have had a google nest wifi mesh system for 3 years now. But just this year my access point started to slow down my wifi. 

I have had the same configuration for 3 years. The main wifi point is on the first floor next to my modem and the access point is on the second floor. Recently we were noticing that using the internet on the second floor was very slow. So I tried unplugging the access point from power and noticed that my wifi speeds had increased. I have tried resetting the access point multiple times but it seems I am getting faster speeds not using it. 


This was not the case less than 6 months ago.  


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi admiralsnackbar,


I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re experiencing with your Google Wifi mesh point. Let’s further look into it. How wide/long (approximately) is your house?


Try these steps:


  • Open the Google Home app > Wi-Fi > Settings > Advanced Networking > DNS.
  • Select Custom, then enter and > Save.
  • Go back to Settings > Privacy Settings.
  • Toggle Nest Wifi cloud services off and then on > Save.
  • Restart the entire network.


Monitor and see if there will be any improvements.