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Apple products no longer connect to iPhone

Community Member

I have a Google Nest Wifi Mesh Router with three additional points. The Mesh Router provides my home WiFi network and the points extend the WiFi to the other parts of the house. The points extend the WiFi throughout the house due to the concrete walls. We have been this setup for at least 6 months with no problem.

Recently, we cannot connect our Apple products to the network. Again, this has never been a problem before. I have tried everything suggested with no luck. In settings, it displays the Nest network and I'm able to connect to it, but under my network's name I see "No Network Connection" in yellow type.  Funny thing is that the Roku, Alexa and the other 3 points have no problem connecting to it. 

Today I deleted the Home on my Google Home app and figured I would just set it up from scratch. Same problem ... the Roku acknowledges the WiFi but I can't connect any of our phones. I can't even set the WiFi router up on the App since it indicates that I am not connected and now I can't set my points up either. Please help and don't tell me that is an issue with Apple like I read in other chats. Much appreciated. 



I think you're going to have to factory reset the router and all the points and start again.  Once you have the whole mesh set up, try connecting your Apple devices.  If you have the same problem, try creating a guest network via the Google Home app, give it a different name to your normal network, then try connecting your phones to that.  If that works it'll at least get them on wifi.  Then I suggest contacting Nest Wifi support to work you through the issue: