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Problems getting connected to the internet

Hi, I am having problems getting connected to the internet.Previously I set up my Google Wifi Mesh system without any problems. I have a new Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router which I want to connect to my Mesh system. I have turned the Virgin Media to Mode...

Johnbri by Community Member
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Support ending for OnHub

I've been notified over the past year that support was ending for my google OnHub. I figured this meant that there would no longer be updates etc. but today I received an email stating, among other things, that as of January 11 You won't be able to u...

its4andy by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi no light after factory reset

Hi -After a factory reset my Nest Wifi Router is not booting up. After connecting to the plug, it shows a solid white light. After a few seconds, the light is going away and nothing else is showing. Every time I plug in, it's behaving the same way. R...

lnm8910 by Community Member
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Home App's speedtest shows internet speed is 0

I've had the original Google Wifi for years, and it's worked flawlessly. And it's working fine today too. Our TVs are streaming with no problems, and all of our devices are trouble free.But when I go into the Wifi section of the Home app and run a sp...


Any current problems with Sonic

I have been experiencing a frustrating situation where internet starts dropping at random (but quite frequent) times on our TV (Sony Bravia with Google Android). When I run mesh and speed tests, it says the internet is blazing fast (sonic fiber). I h...

Sonicish by Community Member
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Resolved! Removing Device from Wifi

I have a Kasa (TP Link) device that is connected to the wifi network but I need to reset. When I reset the device, it automatically reconnects to the network, thus not allowing me to reconnect the device to the Kasa app. I need to remove the device f...

Sjweertz by Community Member
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Fast download but very slow upload speed at device

My upload speeds are <1Mbps while my download speeds are >75Mbps on my Google Mesh network. Using HomeApp I see speeds of 10Mvps and 80Mbps upload and download but my iPhone speed test shows <1Mbps upload speed. I’ve factory reset all devices on the ...

Slow speeds WiFi and Hardwire

Have Nest WiFi Pro mesh system setup (3 satellites). My speeds are horrible with 1 Gbps fiber connection:Wifi: 70 down/15 up (Nest is within a few feet of PC)Nest Ethernet: 650 down/15 up (plugged directly into satellite that’s reviving fiber from IS...

Keith924 by Community Member
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