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Can I connect 2 WiFi pucks together with an ethernet cable? Dumb question, I know... but read on

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We have a home office which is in the worst spot for Wifi signal strength. The Google Mesh works great in other parts of the house (big, 2-story house, many walls and rooms) and I've had to add an extra WiFi point to the hallway upstairs to get a stronger signal over to the home office which is one bedroom away from the hallway. 

Am now setting up a recording booth space in a closet inside the home office and I'm concerned about not getting a strong enough signal in there. 

Specific Question: if I add another puck to the office, and connect it with a ethernet cable to the puck in the next room (drilling a small hole through the closet wall where the stronger puck is in the bedroom), do you think that new ethernet-connected puck could provide a strong signal into this historically weak end of the house? 

If the answer is no, can you please provide some suggestions on how to go about resolving this? I'm open to just getting an additional fiber cable added to this end of the house. Entry point and router is clear over to the other side downstairs and 50 feet away.

Thanks in advance for your insight and suggestions!!




Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

From my experience, you can daisy chain points together to the main wifi point (the one connected to your modem) but you can't connect two wireless points together. I wired my wifi points with ethernet last year and it has made a world of difference.