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Configuring a point that is on the edge of the mesh's range.

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I have the google nest wifi mesh. Well, 2 of them actually. I have 2 routers (only using one at the moment) and 6 total points. My house is pretty spread out and has concrete walls so, as it is, I have one point every room (or every other room) and, for the most part, can get pretty decent connection among them. 

The problem is the shop. It is close enough that I can put a point out there and it has enough range to connect to the mesh and even pass on a decent signal (at least for what I would need in the shop) BUT it is a "weak connection". This, in and of itself, would not be an issue, but it seems that weak connection is then looped into the mesh and all of a sudden, all of my points have weak connections and I start to have massive issues with connectivity. I like to play music across all devices and when there is a weak connection, the music skips in and out horribly.

I do have a ethernet cable that runs out to the shop that I can use, but connecting a point physically does not seem to resolve the issue. Presumably because the wifi part of the point is still connecting to the mesh and not exclusively using the ethernet connection.

I can't find in the google home app a section where I can mess with setting and I don't have a very strong grasp on things like ports and channels and such. (I like the plug and play nature of how the google wifi works!)


I'm open to suggestions.

I know that I can use my 2nd router to create a separate wifi for the shop, but this solution would be sub-optimal because then we would have to switch to that other wifi every time we go to the shop. I would prefer them to all be on one wife network.

Any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated. If it involves changing settings like ports and channels and such you'll need to treat me like a baby or send me to a forum where I can learn!



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Recently I compiled a list of resources that explains how Nest Wifi does mesh, 802.11s, in a reply. Maybe it can help you understand the behavior you are seeing:

Other than that, the best recommendation for stable and fast Wi-Fi, is to use wired backhaul. Coax (MoCA) or power line (HomePlug) alternatively, if pulling ethernet cables is not an option.

I don't work for Google.