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DLNA Connection for Nest Audio

Community Member

Can Nest audio speaker connect to DLNA server on home network and play music directly from there?


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hello @mbosse318 

It doesn't look like Nest Audio supports DLNA directly, but after a little searching, it appears there are some apps you can install on your phone that may bridge that gap. Plex, AllCast, and Localcast were three I found (caveat: I haven't tried to make any of these work myself).

Community Member

Thanks for looking into it. I'm trying to avoid having my phone as the player while I listen to music stored on a network drive. I used to have an A/V receiver for this, but trying to get rid of big bulky audio equipment. Was looking for a smart speaker that might be able to be the device to connect to NAS and play music.

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Community Specialist

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