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Devices will randomly drop connection

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I have several devices connected to my Nest wifi (which has 3 points). All other devices remain connected and offer no problems. The Whirlpool oven and a Sonos Arc will randomly drop off the wifi. Meanwhile several other Sonos spreakers continue to remain connected. I have unplugged and restarted all devices and the wifi with no improvement.


Any suggestions?


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The one and only working workaround at the moment is to ditch the Google Nest WiFi and replace it with something real, like Aruba, Netgear or likewise.

Google Nest Wifi is looks nice when reading the specs on paper, yet in reality it is one of the most unstable makeshift mesh-wifis there are available. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Jimthepoolguy,


I have a few questions that we can use to try and narrow down what might be happening on your network. 

  • When you run a mesh test, what are the results for your connection strength at your points?
  • Do you have IPv6 enabled in your advanced network settings? If so, try disabling it.
  • When the devices drop, will they reconnect on their own after some time?
  • Do the devices drop at the same time, or do they drop one by one?
  • Are the drops random, or do they occur at regular intervals or times?

If you can give me a bit more info about what's going on or any patterns you may have noticed, it would definitely help.



  • Mesh test shows all wifi points great or good connections
  • I have UPnp Enabled but IPv6 Disabled
  • It could be weeks before they reconnect
  • They appear to drop at the same time. When I notice one has dropped I check the other devices.
  • They appear to be random intervals.

Thank you.

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I am having the same issues. My wifi will drop randomly through out the day. I already factory reset the router and checked with my ISP. Was there any solution to this issue ?

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No, unfortunately the only workaround is to ditch all Google wifi-devices and replace with the real gear. 😞


I have personally left feedback via Google Home app dozens of times, but it seems the history of mankind does not know a single case where an actual Google support answered to the feedback left via app, and we're not talking about fixing things yet.

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just wasted 90 minutes of my life chatting with wifi support.  they are now as bad as ATT!   fiber points to wifi, wifi sends you back to fiber.  no one is responsible for anything.  I think Carlos was trying to bait me into calling BS " I understand. I'm really sorry that you feel that way. I really want to help you, I'll be happy to help you." Um, no, you just did nothing for me but blame the fiber folks.  and told me Google Home app is meaningless.