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Devistated by Google Support

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Reference Case ID: Case ID [4-3971000033092] 

I purchased a 3 pack google Wi-Fi mesh from Amazon. In less than 3 months, I started to have many issues. After several phone calls to tech support and not able to solve the issue, tech support recommend I send the items in for replacement. I returned all 3 of the Google routers per tech support instructions. In trying to find the status of the return, I saw on Google store history, they were only going to send me one router and not three. I immediately tried to get in contact with someone for help in tech support.  Each time you call, you get a different tech person, making the whole ordeal of trying to solve an issue harder. Finally, I talked to one tech guy who said he would keep on top of the case and make sure I got my 3 replacements. Tech support had a slew of documents from me, Amazon Receipt (showing I purchased a 3 pack), pictures, serial numbers, etc. Yet, all effort to ensure things went well was ignored, and instead I get an email today from Google store saying they are sending a 1 pack router even though I returned 3 routers. I did everything google asked me to do. I'm so stressed and disappointed in the lack of support. My emails are ignored. Now I wonder if Google is going to screw me over by sending me only the 1 router when I originally purchased and returned 3 routers to google tech support per tech support instructions. It should be obvious why I returned all 3 routers. Since Google could not detect what the problem was and not certain which router may be causing the issue, they had me return all 3 routers to be replaced by 3 new routers.  Yet today I got an email from Google store saying that they are only sending me 1 router when I originally purchased from Amazon and returned 3 defective routers for replacement.

The person (Marcus) who told me he was going to watch over the case and make sure that I got the 3 replacement routers suddenly stopped replying to my messages. I had hope that if there were any issues, he would help me and make sure I got 3 replacement routers. Today I sent him several messages about being sent only 1 router but no reply to my messages.

This experience has put such a bad taste in my mouth that I would never buy another google product. As a retired Vet living on his retired income, the cost of the original purchase stretched my budget and now after returning the 3 routers I purchased due to an unsolved defective issue, I learn today that google is only sending me 1 router minus the 2 replacements. This should not be that hard, but google tech support and lack of it has made it so.

I have countless case IDs, but the one where I thought that the tech person was going to be with me to ensure I got my 3 replacement routers (his name was Marcus) is the case number I'll provide.  Here is the case ID. Case ID [4-3971000033092] 


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Gold Product Expert

Hey @steveyes .

This is a community forum and we do not work for Google so we have no way of looking into the status of your case and the replacement.

Hopefully you get the assistance you are looking for from Google Support. I have found personally that chat is better if possible and you can get a transcript sent afterwards for your records. I have not had anything like you are describing happen the few times I have had to contact Support but I do understand it can be frustrating sometimes when things like you describe happen. I hope that there is just a mix up with the wording on the order and "1 router" actually is 1 3-pack. 

Sorry we could not be of more help.

Hey folks,

@PatrickP_Viking, thanks for lending a hand.

Thanks for letting us know, @steveyes. I'm sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience this has caused you. I checked your case number and I suggest you continue your conversation there to avoid confusion. I've also followed up with our team about this and they should be sending an update via your email.

Thanks for understanding and patience.



Hi steveyes,

I checked your case and I'm glad that our team is able to help you further through email. Just want to check in if you have other questions or concerns ― we'd love to help.



Hey steveyes,

Just one quick final check in here since activity has slowed down. We'll be locking the thread in the next 24 hours, but if you still need help, I would be happy to keep it open. If there's more we can do, just let me know.