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Google Nest Wifi Pro Connection Issue: The Modem isn't giving your Wifi point an internet connection

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I previously had the OG Google Wifi, and decided with the new Nest WIFI Pro coming out I should upgrade today. I connected the first to my modem in the exact fashion I had the Google Wifi, and it connects fine, until it has to test the Internet Connection. It sits there for about a minute, and then tells me "The Modem isn't giving your Wifi Point an internet connection. Don't worry, this is a common issue that can be fixed with a full network restart." 

Well, this doesn't work. I spoke with Xfinity, as well as the MFGR of the Modem (Arris S33) and no success. I've already factory reset the Arris S33, as well as the two Google Wifi points I had previously set up so they are off my Google Home app. I can confirm the S33 Modem is receiving internet from Xfinity, because I have my personal computer hooked up to the modem.


I can't seem to find a solution online, hopefully someone can help. I would hate to have to return for a different brand.


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Gold Product Expert

It sounds like the modem is the issue. I imagine they went through all of the steps like updating firmware, checking connections, etc. Try unplugging the modem and router. After 30 seconds - 3 minutes (depends on device), plug the modem back in and immediately the Nest Wifi Pro. If this doesn't work still, repeat the procedure but switch the Ethernet cable to the other port on the modem first.


I suspect that the modem isn't establishing a bridge connection to the Nest Wifi Pro so the modem is not allowing the connection to establish to the Nest Wifi Pro so it can handle the traffic. You should be able to configure it manually but the ISP might have to assist since they typically lock settings down when they provision them with their service.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply!

I actually went out and bought an Eero bundle to see, and had the same issue. The Eero Tech Support/Customer Service Rep (not sure what they’re called) helped me out within 10 minutes. He said with Xfinity(Comcast) they block all third party Routers so you have to get the MAC address and Serial # from the new Router, and then give that over to Xfinity to allow internet to push through the router. After I got that information from Google, I reached back out to Xfinity, gave them the information (they all of a sudden knew the issue once I had the answer) and then that’s where your suggestion came in. They sent me along to Arris and they then somehow connected my Nest Pro to the Modem. 

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Gold Product Expert

Glad I could be of help and that you got it working!

I've had to deal with setups of home networks for 25+ years in some capacity and ISPs have a habit of locking down different settings that cause issues for normal setups. Nearly every time , it has to do with configurations of some sort they will only allow to be changed (though I've never heard of having to give one your router info). Typically, the modem and router will automatically establish a bridged connection but it sounds like Xfinity locked that down as well. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with it again.

Happy surfing!

Hey folks, 

@PatrickP_Viking, thanks for the help.
@Eji, awesome — glad to hear that your issue is fixed. It looks like we can consider this one complete, so I will lock the thread shortly unless I can help out with anything else.