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Google Nest Wifi mesh - dropping internet connection all too often!

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I am getting so very frustrated.

My house is 140 square meters - 100 on main floor and 40 on first floor. My google nest wifi router is in the middle of main floor (hallway) and I have 3 nest wifi access points. one in kitchen, one in living room and 1 on first floor.

The signal between them are listed as really great in google home app.

setup is:

ISP Modem --> Google Nest Router --> Switch --> NAS ... rest it connected wireless at the moment.


But it drops connection quite often... just for a minute or 2... sometimes it feels like it is when a new device gets connected... like if I turn on my computer, or one of the kids turn on their computers... then suddenly the connections drops on the ipads, the phones, the chromecast, google assistant and so on... 


I thought NEST could be broken... so I got it replaced in the shop I bought it... still a propblem...

Switch is replaced... still a problem...

I called ISP  - no double NAT... ISP-router is set to bridge.... still a problem...


I am getting to the point where I just think I need to buy a different solution. 


could it be that it is NOT seamless when going from 5ghz to 2,4 ghz? maybe thats what I am experiencing? maybe a new device draws some of the signal so the others drop the 5ghz and goes to 2,4? and I cannot test it since Google doesn't allow me to turn 5ghz off... 


Pretty sure the problem is within the google nest router, because I tried to cable my pc but still experience loss in connection... which makes me think that it maybe not be the problem listed above... 


Have any1 of you experience something like this? And can I do something about it? please help 🙂

tried calling google support and we got ISP to set modem to bridge, but problem persists!





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yup.  you're not alone

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There are thousands of people with the same issue. Some with additional points some with just the hub. Nothing Google/Nest suggests solves the issue and frankly, some of the recommendations are ridiculous and even when humoring the "specialists", still don't resolve the issue(s). 

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This is not going to be fixed. Period. Either learn to live with it or replace it. If you are interested in the history, go to this thread.

It has been going on since at least September. We keep getting, "We are aware of this issue and looking into it" about every month, with zero action. I bought a Netgear Orbi system end of December. I was losing 8-10 work zoom calls per day in December and had to pull the plug. I've had zero outages in two months since replacing the Google crap. I know others have other recommendations, but you can see those in the thread.

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Same problem here and as money don't grown in trees i'm still here waiting for a solution. All my devices disconnects 6-10 times everyday.

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google has been absolutely poor with service.  i spoke with 2 technicians to help me resolve a similar problem.  all the solutions are absolutely sh1t at best.   i have always been a huge fan of google products i dont know how a router thats been working fine for over a year all of a sudden can not keep a have internet withouth needing to be reset every 10-15mins.    

the problem is not your modem, its googles sh1tty hardware and related software.  they should reimburse everyone who is having to deal with this.