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Google Nest Wifi router stopped working

Community Member


After purchasing my Google Nest Wifi last month, overnight it randomly stopped allowing devices to connect to it, and no longer shows up as an available device in Google Home. No matter what steps I take it cannot be set up again.


After discovering that there was no longer internet or the ability to connect to the wifi device directly or in the home app I went through the steps outlined in the help documentation. I work from home and have spent a day trying to get this to work again through leveraging the troubleshooting documents. What are my options in terms of getting this to work or am I just out of luck?

Troubleshooting methods tried

 - Disconnecting power from both my modem and wifi device

 - Factory Resetting device

 - Trying the setup on multiple devices iOS and Android

 - Removing home and home app and starting from a fresh setup




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

I know this sounds crazy , but if you factory reset the nest wifi router and the point (s).. be sure to setup the router ONLY .. once that is working you can go back in and add a point.  Sometimes trying to setup the router and points all at once seems to throw a wrench in the process.