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Google Wifi - Randomly drops packets/internet for a few seconds.

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I've noticed over the last few weeks that my Google Wifi, which I've had for 5+ years, dropping the internet for a few seconds when I'm connect over a wired connection to the Google Wifi.

When I started to troubleshoot this, I pinged a local host on my network repeatedly and was surprised that every 10-15 mins I got a "Request Timed out" response. Therefore thinking this was something on my end, I switch my hardwired cable from Google Wifi to my other internal network (non-google) and all issues went away... thus proving that it's not my device, cables, switches between. I also noticed that if I'm connected to Google Wifi over Wifi (not using a LAN cable) I have no issues. The above issue was only when connected via a LAN cable... but remember that same LAN cable works fine with non-google router. 

Around the same time (a couple of weeks ago) I also noticed that one of my Google Wifi nodes would keep sending me an alert saying that it was disconnected from the network. This node is hardwired to the primary Google Wifi Node. Therefore following the same steps as above I removed the LAN cable and switched it to wirelessly connect to the primary node. Issue went away. 

As we can see there is a theme here. Connect to the Google Wifi over LAN cable and you get random disconnects. Therefore I reconnected the LAN cable to begun further testing by pinging a local host on another internal network repeatedly (WAN side), again I would drop packets every 10-15 mins. To see if this only occurred outside of the Google Wifi network, WAN side, I also began pinging the primary Google Wifi node repeatedly, LAN side,... and I was very surprised to see that every time I would loose WAN, I also would loose LAN (See screen-shoot).

The results below: = Google Primary Node = WAN Network - behind External ISP

Left Image - from Laptop on Google Wifi CAT6 Cable connected, pinging Google Wifi Primary node:
Right Image - from Laptop on Google Wifi CAT6 Cable connected, but pinging another internal network:


As you can see, the entire Google Wifi drops... even the ability to ping the primary host...
The device I'm testing with is a Windows Laptop that is hardwired (LAN) to network switch, and directly to Google Primary Node. 

My setup has been running for about 5 years+ no issues. I have no new devices/changes that should have caused this issue. 

All 3 nodes of the Google Wifi are: AC-1304 (14150.376.32)


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I'm having this same problem. It's driving me nuts.