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Google wifi is providing half the speed of my modem’s wifi. App shows no other usage, no mesh issues

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Original Poster: Jay Wohlken

I have 400 mbps internet. My phone is showing 190 on a speed test app I installed. If I change to my modem’s wifi I stead of Google Wifi I get over 400.

This is not correct behavior. I looked in the Google Home app and ran a mesh test with no issue. I see the Google wifi is receiving 445 mbps download.

The whole reason I bought Google wifi was to improve speed and reliability. Why on earth is it slowing me down? Can I correct this or get a refund?

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Community Specialist
Hey there Jay Wohlken, 
I'm so sorry for the late response, but I wanted to hop in here to help. I understand how frustrating it might be to not be getting the speeds that you're hoping for, but I'm happy to look into this. 
I appreciate you doing a network/speed test and trying to figure out what the issue might be on your own. What does your network structure looks like? (e.g. Modem --> Switch --> other devices connected including the Google Nest Wifi router --> etc.)
Also, check your device placements & a possible Wi-Fi interference - Finding a good place for your Wifi devices can be a little challenging as wireless connections are very sensitive, anything that interferes to it or may cause congestion would really affect its performance. If you have 1 Google Nest Wifi router then your network is expected to get up to 2,200 sq ft Wifi coverage. However, there's a possibility that it might also interfering with the signals and traffic from other Wi-Fi networks which resulting for the area to be congested, especially if it’s sharing the same channel with the other wireless networks. Also, you may want to check if there are other wireless devices near your Google Nest Wifi router such as Microwave, Cordless Phone, Wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices etc. as they can cause a frequency interference. Try moving those type of devices away from your router, if possible.
I was also able to find this article that may help you as well.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Best regards, 
Garrett DS

Ive got the same issue. I pay for 500mb/s, my modem gets around 550mb/s down. My main router thats hard wired into the modem shows it it receiving 550mb/s but i get about 190mb/s tops. I even put my

phone or laptop next to the main router and couldnt get more than about 200mb/s. Im on the latest firmware. Also, the app is very very inaccurate with usage data. I have a second puck about 20-30 feet away from the main one. It used to get around 400+mb/s now it gets around 100-200. What happened? 

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Same issue here but getting 800 into the router and 450 about in same room as the router. Not what I was expecting. Called Google Nest Wif-fi support and they changed my DNS to the Google and but this hasn't helped.  Adding insult to injury, devices connecting to the mesh don't always pick the nearest router/point. Finally, devices seem to drop the connection randomly and often don't reconnect. I have a Xfinity XB7 router (that will not go into bridge config without killing the internet altogether) so perhaps there is a double NAT issues but not sure how that would impact all the issues I seem to have. About ready to send the whole thing back. Anyone have any ideas as Google Support as coming up empty?

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Community Specialist

Hi, Jay and Mk3.

Sorry for the delayed response on this one, but this is actually a known issue that we're working on internally right now. We're hoping to have a fix soon. I imagine this has been confusing and frustrating for you to deal with. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am passing it along to our internal teams and they are using each report to help diagnose and fix the issue.

I'll update the thread as I have more information.


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What is the timeframe for the expected resolution of this issue.  I just purchased the google nest wifi and connected it to my Calix 844G modem / router.  the wireless part of the 844g is turned off, but the speed from my nest is about 100 Mbps download instead of the 200 Mbps that I get from just the 844G.



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I am having the same issues. Inconsistent and slow speeds. 

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Really? All this time and no fix? Internet speed out of my modem is 800 mbps which is what I pay for. Speed from my google nest wifi router 297 mbps even hardwired to my PC, 297 mbps. This is unacceptable.

I am having the same issues. I pay for 1+ gig internet which I know after lots of testing the modem is producing. As soon as I plug in the google router and hardline my device - I'm losing half of my speed. I've tried other routers and have had no issues. 

It is now August, but I only have one question. Are the speeds accurate? What i mean is, Am I getting hlf the speed promised from xfinity? or are the speeds just being misreported by the Nest Wifi Pro? 

The Google Nest Pro Wifi Router is bad for wireless speeds. I think the issue lies within the software firmware and heat dissipation of the router. I changed my Google Fiber Jack which brought back some of the speeds but did not fully resolve it till I changed to a totally different router (ASUS AXE7800). Google will not fix the issue so I recommend changing to a different router.

Geez, I have the same problem. Slow half speed etc.  
I have Hardwired NetGear with Google Mesh puck  right next to it.  No interference from anything else. 
is there a modem that Google Mesh likes to play with?

Nope best to just return and get something else. Actually any thing else will work better than google IMO.  TP link AX 3000 or 5000 are much better one.

This is my first post here, but a quick anecdotal tldr:

Turn off "Nest Wifi Cloud Services" and "Send Wifi device usage data..." in the Google Home app.  It changed my apparent wifi speeds from 150mbps to 890mbps.

I noticed that I was being throttled by looking though my speed history on the google home app last night.  After mucking around with the cables, clearing the way of all splitters and anything non-essential, I was still capping out at 250-ish mbps out of the 1000 I pay for, so I called up my ISP and had them send out a technician. He left after finding that a previously installed amplifier was causing a problem, and confirmed that he was getting 900+mbps at the modem.  I was still trying to run the speed tests on our google nest mesh, and they consistently came back as 250mbps, with test coming back at my pc at 150mbps.  Looking through all of the settings and hints, I tried a bunch, eventually factory resetting my entire mesh, and setting up just the main node to test with.
Still the same result, 250mbps in the google app, 150-ish mbps at my PC.  Then I tried turning off the Wifi Cloud services and the Wifi device usages switched under the privacy settings.  Ran another test.

This time it's showing 250 mbps in the google home app, but 890 mbps on the PC.  I'll consider that a win for the day.  Give it a shot, might help you, but I no longer trust the onboard speed test at all.

You are an absolute hero! This needs to be pinned somewhere. I was constantly getting 260 - 290 mbps down, but 500+ at the modem. Disabling cloud services and device usages immediately fixed it

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Still a scam. I have gig service and get 1200 to the main unit from xfinity. I have four pucks daisy chained together.  Average 200-500mbps. Got 700 the other day. The obviously throttle or I would get close to full speed at all pucks. Google is hiding these facts.

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It's 2023. I have the same issues as described above.

Google home says everything has a great connection.

Google home speed test says 900mb per second dl speed.

I check with my computer on the Google wifi, it says 70 on first test, then 100 on the next.

If I switch to the Xfinity main modems wifi, I got half signal bars and 500mb per second.

To use my google mesh at all, is to sacrifice speed and stability.

I bought this about 2.5 years ago.

Been unhappy with it this whole time.

I've tried every tip I could find to get this set right.

It's like adding a resister to your internet.

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It is crappy hardware, Google has no fix, so time to move on. I threw my Nest router and 3 access points in the trash and bought a router that actually provides the 1 Gbps speed that we pay for....our list of failed Google hardware keeps growing.

What router did you get? I tried all of the latest wifi 6 and 6E routers. Nothing gives me the full speed on wifi only on wired. Switching ISP to AT&T U-Verse instead of Google Fiber gave me full wifi and wired speeds. 

ASUS ROG Rapture GT6. We also have the 1 Gbps service from AT&T.

I tried that one for Google Fiber service that I have now and it didn’t give me any speeds better than the Nest Pro. It gave me worse. I left AT&T and went back to Google Fiber. Trying to find a router that is best for Google Fiber. 

So what did you get instead ?

Asus ROG Rapture GT6 

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I feel your frustration! I have the same issue with my Google Wifi. I just backhaul-wired all the pucks to improve the speed. I am getting from 800 Mbps to 400 on the pucks per Ookla speed. But what is odd is that I installed a five-puck system in my parent's house, and they don't loose any speed with the wired pucks. They have fiber optic internet. I wonder if it is a Broadband issue.

It is June 2023, I have a Gen 1 Nest WiFi with 2 points and a 1.5 GB speed internet. Google test says it has about 1 GB but any device that connects to the network can barely get 100 MB. What is wrong with this and when will it be fixed?

100 MB is 1Gbps. Did you mean 100mbps?

My bad, sorry I have a internet speed of 1.5 Gbps and when I am right in front of the Nest WiFi I can barely get 100 Mbps. This is supposed to be a good device ain’t it?

You have Nest wifi which one? The Pros are supposed to get 1Gbps or higher while Nest regular only get 500mbps max. Google can claim otherwise but the real numbers are what I am generating. I have 1Gbps Google Fiber ISP and only get above 1Gbps on wired. Wireless is capped at 500mbps for me. 

I have Nest Gen 1 (so not the Pro).

I have 1.5 Gbps from ISP and I am being capped at around 100 Mbps anywhere in the house.

So what your saying is like official that this device can reach up to 500 Mbps? If I could reach that I would somehow ok with it, but around 100 Mbps is just ridiculous.

I don’t have official or proven evidence but just my experience with the Nest Pro underperformance and currently waiting on their support for a resolution from the engineers. For your issue seems like interference affecting the wifi performance. Do you have a lot of routers nearby? I have many neighbors wifi nearby and that drastically affects performance on wifi because of channel interference or congestion. 

I understand your point, thanks for sharing.

Yes I have neighbours around with routers and I understand this drops performance.

but like everyone else here I am comparing my ISP router with Google Nest WiFi.

The ISP router is not a mesh so it won’t cover well the entire house. But when using the ISP router as I am very close to it I can get 1 Gbps or something around that. When I configure it to bridge and connect the Nest Wifi I barely get 100 Mbps on the same spot. Sure I understand the fact that Mesh networks also lose some performance but it is hard to accept a 90% drop from the Nest WiFi when compared to the ISP router while standing right in front of it.

Yeah I’m experiencing a 50% or more wifi drop and I only have the Nest Pro 6E router, no mesh networks. I think it’s a software bug. 

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I just abandoned it and bought a different brand router.  Seeing so many hardware issues with Google hardware (router, doorbell, and now Hub Max) with no fixes and I gave up.  I will use the Google stuff that we have and then never buy their hardware again.  Tech support is horrific. 

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Sooo this is still an's now August of 2023 and I still have this problem...please advise

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I finally just disconnected my setup.

I'm going to use Xfinity's Xfi pods.

I should have done this from the start.

I just figured Googles might be better, the way they described it.

I have Xfinity doing monitoring of my signal strengths throughout the house, I should hear back from them soon about the results and how many pods I'll be getting.

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Hi Jeff

Was there an update on this issue as it’s now 09/23 and I have the same problem 

Has there been a fix to this? Have experienced the same efficiency problems.

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This happens to me too. My Google wifi is maybe 10 feet from my modem. I get half the speed. Starting to think this is the norm for these and a waste of money 

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What is the timeframe for this fixing this issue?  I’m to the point of replacing this equipment for something that will actually deliver the speeds I pay for.


I’ve had my internet provider here twice to validate my speeds coming in are inline with my plan( 1GB/s) and using wired connections from my providers router produces similar speeds.  Running through the Google Nest Mesh I max out at 80 MB/s on most days.

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Community Specialist

Hey, Choct62.

This is still something we're investigating, and I realize the wait is frustrating. As soon as I know more, I'll update the thread, but as of now I don't have any estimates for a fix.