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Help with changing ISP and router, dropping google wifi

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Hello, I have a google wifi setup with wifi connection to three computers and two tv's.  One tv has Chromecast and the other has Google tv.  I am switching to a fiber service which means changing ISP and changing router.  Given the age of the google wifi system, I want to drop google wifi mesh and go with a linksys mesh router.  Can someone explain how to make this change?  I obviously need to start by setting up the new ISP account and router.  Once that it done, I can simply search for available networks on my computers and sign into the new network.  I don't understand how to change the chromecast settings and drop google home.  Please help, I am a senior and just want to watch youtubetv and amazon prime on our tvs and computers.  Nothing special.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Fix the Wi-Fi before fixing the Chromecast. I'd factory reset the whole Google Wifi network from within the Google Home app before disconnecting them. See:

About setting up your new Wi-Fi: That's not a Google product related question, so search for guidance with the vendor of the product you end up using.

Chromecast: Factory reset it and set it up from scratch to whatever Wi-Fi solution you end up using. See:

I don't work for Google.