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How to change Nest wifi Config (on oversaturated environment) with news!

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Hi @Jeff, @EdwardT,

I have new info related to How to change Nest wifi Config (on oversaturated e... - Google Nest Community.

Sorry for the lack of follow up. I was hoping I'd get an email if someone responded. Since I didn't get any, I assumed there was no answer. Today I checked and saw that the thread was already closed. So I'm going again... 🙂

Going back to the issue.... in our environment now we have:

- 1 modem with internet access (working well).
- 1 Nest Wifi connected to the modem through ethernet cable (ok)
- 1 Home App using Nest Wifi as network.

New: We where using the same email to configure the 4 booths (each booth 1 home in Home's App). Since we were assigning the same name to the devices we had problems. Now we use 1 email for each booth (on Home's App we only have 1 home with many rooms).

- 1 Nest Hub (first gen) (ok)
- 1 Nest Cam (ok)
- 1 Nest Doorbell (ok)
- 1 Philips Hue Bridge with 7 lamps (ok) - New: Lack of permissions on Philips's App.
- 2 Nexxt smart pulgs (ok)


- 1 Chomecast (second gen/ ultra) (unable to connect)              <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
We still have problems with Chromecast. (as before, we reset, replug, etc)


Finally, we got it working 2 over WiFi and 2 over Ethernet. We still need help with this.


Things we already tried.

  • Wifi Phone Settings: Select Wifi -> Open Home App -> Add device -> Chromecast -> Error connecting to WiFi (we use this method to configure Chromecast at home or office. After many attemps it never work at stores)
  • Wifi Phone Settings: Select Chromecast -> Open Home App -> Add device -> Chromecast -> Select Wifi -> Error connecting to WiFi (after many attemps we only configured 2 of them)
  • Connecting over Ethernet (after failing with Wifi, the last 2)

In Wifi cases, we reset Chromecast / Nest Wifi. Restart Chromecast / Nest Wifi / Phone (Samsung A50 - Android).  Using Wifi´s saved password and reentering. 


  • If we set a wrong password we get a "wrong password" message (Can we assume that the Chromecast is reaching the Nest Wifi and trying to authenticate?), but...
  • If we use the correct password we get a "Wifi not found" message (Is the Chromecast not able to reach the Nest Wifi or is the Nest Wifi rejecting the Chromecast?)

Is there anything can we test here?



ps: I'm going to follow up this message 🙂




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Hi @Jeff@EdwardT,

I tried to use the link you sugest me ( but i'm having an error "Refresh this page and try again. Sorry, there was a problem with the form."